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Steve is currently working on two novels for #Wattys2018 on Wattpad.com ‘Psycho Inside’ and ‘Tapioca Pudding’.

Psycho Inside is the story of Michael, a serial killers and his descent into insanity as he engages in murder, violent sexual acts and an incestuous love for his little cousin. Michael isn’t a normal person. He may even be more than a mortal man.

Psycho Inside is being written now:


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Tapioca Pudding:

Tapioca Pudding

Jeremy and Jenny are best friends and almost inseparable but will challenge and change ruin their bond? Read as Jeremy struggles with self and sexual identity issues and the only thing on Jenny’s mind is running away from everything.

Steve started writing Tapioca Pudding on January, 20th, 2018. You can watch the story be developed on WattPad Here.

The Disconnected is being written now:


The Disconnected is the story of a young man’s terrible life and stressers that lead him to be sick with mental illness. As the world around him collapses he begins to collapse on the inside. He’s strong but will he be strong enough to overcome this?

Joe Hardcore:

When writers block strikes Steve works on his book Joe Hardcore which is currently being edited.

Joe Hardcore is about a protagonist named Joseph Wilder but he’s best known as his street name Joe Hardcore. He’s a hardcore kid at heart and in a very influencial punk band. Joe is a drug addict that wants to be straight edge but will he change his life in time to save himself?

Joe Hardcore is being edited now: