Tapioca Pudding: Introduction

He sits next to her and admires her light skin. She’s as lightly toned as a vampire and dressed in black; it only celebrates her demonic stature.
Her blonde hair is bleached white and falls to gently cover the wings of her eyeliner.

Jenny is perfect.

Jenny is an angel.

Jenny is everything Jeremy wants to be.

The classroom full of jaundice. The alcohol poisoning in this school. Its strong in this one, if you will. Mathematics is boring and useless. Trigonometry. I’ll use this tomorrow while I’m using Boolean algebra to write my grocery list.


I look all over the grocery store and I couldn’t find ‘Y’. Daydreaming is a bitch. My teacher Mr. Whiles writes the answers on the chalkboard as we pretend to listen. He would never have a pop quiz. His grade average would sink below the national standard and the school would lose funding for slutty cheerleader uniforms. Oh no.

My name is Jeremy Scott and I am pretend. I am saint Jeremy, no, not the real Saint Jeremy. (He’s fake.) And if you know me you know everyone calls me ‘Jam’ and everyone calls Jenny ‘Jelly’. I don’t mind my nickname. Do you know the difference between Jam and Jelly?

I can’t jelly my dick down your daughter’s throat.

Jelly is my best friend in the entire world, and she’s the only person to ever lick my butthole. That’s a secret I tell everyone but you have to take it to your grave. Please take everything I tell you to your grave. I’m going to tell you things I wouldn’t tell my psychiatrist.

It’s never too late to stop writing this to you but it’s too late for you to stop reading. You already know a secret and if you tell anyone I will hunt you down and…

The bell rings and my legs clinch together in anxious excitement to leave this class and go to a better place. The smoking section outside in the parking is where I need to be.

“That’s all for today! Enjoy your lunch!” Mr. Whiles says and like a pack of retarded monkeys we all run, wobble,pounce and skip to the door.

Jelly has to go to her advanced credit course in the library because she failed grade 11 English last semesters. She’ll get two credits in the time it takes to get one by sacrificing her lunch hour. I could never have such dedication to school.

Last year Mrs. Buckley told me I failed foods class with the lowest grade she’s ever seen. I think it was eight percent and the only thing that went through my mind was “New High Score!”.

Jelly and I share a locker. We have since grade seven. Every night she writes in her journal and every day at lunch I read her journal. It’s a beautiful system she’s completely unaware of but it helps me maintain a closer best friend status with her.

“Today was hell. I feel like miserable death once again as Bradley didn’t bother to check me out at all. Jam on the other hand was staring at me all day and I love his admiration. No matter how bad I look I can count on him to admire me.

I wore thong underwear for the first time in my life today and I absolutely loved that I didn’t have panty lines. I love the strap going between my ass and covering my asshole. I farted in gym class and it didn’t make a sound. It was a beautiful thing.

I think my father has been checking me out lately. I bent down to pick up a pen and when I turned around his head was literally to the side, and he was wide-eyed while staring in my direction. I’ve heard of father’s becoming interested after development and I sincerely hope mine isn’t.

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I’m definitely wearing another thong. I bought ten on a hunch at La Boutique last weekend and I think it was the best life decision I’ve ever made.

Every Wednesday I pleasure Jam. Nobody knows it but I do. It keeps him in line and I don’t mind doing it for him. I’ll give him oral, a rim job. Sometimes my ass but very rarely. He wants my pussy but that’s reserved for Bradley. Bradley is everything.

Mom wants me to go help make dinner. Tonight we’re having lasagna and garlic bread. I’ve got to help with the cheese so until tomorrow diary … ”

She tongue punches my fart-box and she likes it. I love her death and you know it’s surprising we’ve never kissed on the lips. I’m friend zoned but I still reach the end zone.

I wonder if her father does want to fuck her. Jenny’s Dad, Scott or Mr. Silver, isn’t a creep per se but I secretly believe that everyone is a lot more creepy than they appear. There are monsters in this world, and they look just like me.

After my daily browse of Jenny’s diary I casually walk the purple and gray halls of the school to the cafeteria for a cheeseburger. The cheeseburgers are the only thing worth eating, and they’re amazing. I bought two and keep one in my pocket for next class.

The smoking section of the school is my second favorite place to be next to the library. The smoking section offers a diverse mix of the tribes and you’ll never see the jocks here because athletic people simply do not smoke. It’s wonderful. You take a handful of skaters, punks, juggalos, burnouts and throw them all in one 10 foot by 10 foot area in a cloud of cigarette smoke.

I love smoking.

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