A letter from Steve:

Dear readers and fans,

You may have noticed I have not been actively writing this last six months. I would like to apologize to all of my readers.

I was going through sudden severe depression due to circumstances I can’t explain here. I haven’t been in the same headspace I was in when I began writing Tapioca Pudding and therefore would not have been able to properly finish the novel.

I do intend to hit the typewriter or pickup the pen all summer long and finish Tapioca Pudding. Once again, I’d like to apologize for not being active the last six months. You, the reader, are what’s most important and I left you all waiting without explanation.

I beg of you to please continue to support my writing and projects as they progress.

Thank you,

Steve Crowley.

Tapioca Pudding Cover

Tapioca Pudding Cover

Tapioca Pudding: Introduction

He sits next to her and admires her light skin. She’s as lightly toned as a vampire and dressed in black; it only celebrates her demonic stature.
Her blonde hair is bleached white and falls to gently cover the wings of her eyeliner.

Jenny is perfect.

Jenny is an angel.

Jenny is everything Jeremy wants to be.

The classroom full of jaundice. The alcohol poisoning in this school. Its strong in this one, if you will. Mathematics is boring and useless. Trigonometry. I’ll use this tomorrow while I’m using Boolean algebra to write my grocery list.


I look all over the grocery store and I couldn’t find ‘Y’. Daydreaming is a bitch. My teacher Mr. Whiles writes the answers on the chalkboard as we pretend to listen. He would never have a pop quiz. His grade average would sink below the national standard and the school would lose funding for slutty cheerleader uniforms. Oh no.

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